Located in a quaint stone setting in the heart of Amman, SPA AMBER is a unique facility of its kind; a haven in which one can experience a complete restoration of mind, body, and soul.

From the moment you step into the tranquil ambience of SPA AMBER, you will be transported into an oasis of balance and serenity where East meets West.

Spa Amber has customized its services to cater to your personal needs.

We employ professional doctors and the finest licensed consultants, therapists and technicians to help you achieve your desired goal and ensure your utmost satisfaction.

A world of optimal serenity and health at Spa Amber.




New Treatments

Algae Envelopment (75 min)

JD 65

This cold envelopment combines the cleansing benefits of marine algae with the refreshing and uplifting benefits of essential oils.


Chocolate Envelopment (75 min)

JD 65

Mayans have realized the benefits of cocoa for centuries and acknowledged it as a gift of nature


Detox Facial (75 min)

JD 100

Detoxication is on everyone's lips!! Our lifestyle demands a lot from our skin and environmental damage is inevitable


Bio Lifting Facial (60 min)

JD 90

One of the main problems of aging skin is reduced blood circulation resulting in less oxygen reaching your cells