Amber Mind & Body

Life Saving Back Massage

(25 min) – JD 35

If you are looking for a fast remedy from back tension, then look no further. This exceptional treatment relieves you from back discomfort caused by the daily life pressure.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

(25 min) – JD 35

For those who are suffering from dry skin, this is the perfect solution. The special minerals from the Dead Sea also add tone to your skin leaving it more radiant.

Prenatal Massage

(25 min) – JD 35 – (45 min) – JD 50

A light body massage designed to relieve the body from pressure and heaviness caused by pregnancy. It improves circulation and relaxes the body muscles, especially in the back.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

(40 min) – JD 45

This massage is ideal for improving circulation. The special oils are applied and massaged on the body with hard techniques that help break the cellulite. This treatment also rids the body of excess water.

Blissful Aromatherapy Massage

(75 min) – JD 50

Essential oils are massaged, focusing on acupressure points. This treatment will enhance your circulation, relieve you from stress and tension, and restore your lost energy.

Luxury Aromatic Swedish Massage

(70 min) – JD 55

Take your Swedish massage experience one step further. Travel to a world of tranquility as our therapists softly brush your body and apply the hot volcanic stones on the pressure points of your back.

Swedish Massage

(50 min) – JD 45
 / (75 min) – JD 60

This massage is ideal for improving circulation and relieving tension, stress and muscular pain. Oils are applied and massaged on the body with techniques such as gliding, kneading, rubbing, tapping and shaking. It increases flexibility and induces relaxation.

Amber Signature Massage

(75 min) – JD 60

We have developed a unique body experience where East meets West. The Swedish Massage experience is combined with Thai Stretches that help increase flexibility and work on your sore spots. This treatment enhances circulation and leaves your body fully relaxed and energized.

Holistic Total Body Care with Stone Therapy
(80 min) – JD 70

This holistic experience is just what you need for ultimate relaxation. Using special volcanic stones and aromatic essential oils, your vital energy points will be activated leaving your mind and body tension free and in complete harmony.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

(40 min) – JD 45 

The Shock Wave anti-cellulite program is a concept that represents a revolution in women’s health and wellness. Cellulite has become a big issue in today’s society and thus has a significant impact on the quality of life and joy of living. Skin elasticity decreases with age and the typical orange peel appearance on the thighs and buttocks affects 80% of all women. When women are looking for an optimal solution, this treatment has fast, effective and long lasting results.

Lymphatic Drainage

(60 min) – JD 40

Lymphatic drainage is a medical therapy that helps reduce water retention and body detoxification. It’s a type of gentle massage that encourages the natural drainage of the lymphatic system, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. The therapist uses pressure and rhythmic circular movements that stimulate the lymph flow and direct the excessive fluid and waste products to the appropriate lymph glands so that the body can easily get rid of them.